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german roach

The German cockroaches Blattella germanica, adults are 5/8″ inches long (15.8mm) are the most common roaches found in houses and restaurants. Most cockroaches have a flattened, oval shape, spiny legs, and long, filamentous antennae. Immature stages are smaller, have undeveloped wings and resemble the adults. They eat food of all kinds and may hitchhike into the house on egg cartons, soft drink cartons, sacks of potatoes or onions, used furniture or appliances, beer cases, etc. Produce departments, stores, nursing homes and other such places are constantly fighting German roaches (as a general rule) and are notorious for being the source of residential infestations.


How, When and Why They Become a Nuisance Pest

The cockroach is usually found in the kitchen and bathroom, although it may be found throughout the home. Roaches are frequently living in kitchen sinks or drain boards, in cracks around, inside and beneath cabinets, behind drawers, around pipes and conduits, behind window and door frames, in cracks and voids behind baseboards and moldings, under tables and chairs, in bathroom sinks, toilets and tubs, and in television and appliance cabinets. Some species of roaches prefer damp, warm places and usually are found in garages, sewers, attics, storage rooms or closets and similar locations.

Cockroach disease is something that many people have concern about when they see a cockroach in their home. Roach disease such as dysentery, typhoid, poliomyelitis and gastroenteritis can affect humans. Cockroaches are known to carry disease because they can live on fermenting or rotting products, animal and human feces, rotting food or animal corpses and more. These filthy creatures often live on unsanitary substances. Cockroach insects contaminate food and food handling items, destroy fabric and paper products and leave behind stains, odors and feces.

Many substances that roaches and palmetto bugs feed on are already contaminated, and as the cockroach moves from one location to another it spreads the disease along the way. Cockroach disease can spread fast to humans considering cockroaches often hang out in the kitchen and places where food preparation takes place.

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