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Bee Removal

BugLife Pest Control is your trusted and referred bee removal company in South Florida. We offer bee removal for residential and commercial properties. Our top notch beekeeping experts arrive in vehicles fully stocked to access and perform any and all honey bee or wasp problems.
There are a ton of honey bees, wasps and hornets all throughout South Florida. Bee removal in South Florida, is what BugLife Pest Control specialize in. Our local bee removal specialist are trained to find and remove bee hives and all other types of flying stinging insect nests from your home or any other type of structure they might find themselves in. South Florida bee removal involves a lot of carpentry skills, especially when honey bees decide to take up residence in a wall or roof of a house.

How We Remove Bees

Our company offers complete full physical bee hive removal every time. We first locate where the bees are entering your home, next we smoke them by using our beekeeper smoker that calms them and keeps them from smelling the attack signal. The next step involves our carpentry knowledge. Most of the time, bees will move into the eaves or walls of your house. We carefully open up the soffit or remove siding in order to reach the hive. Once the hive is fully exposed, we then begin the live bee hive extraction. Once the cavity is cleaned out, we will put either the soffit, roof, siding or brick back in place. Sealing up is the last step. With no more honey to attract other bees and a sealed up entrance, there will be no more unwanted guests getting back in there.

BugLife Pest Control Performing bee removal service
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