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Your BugLife technician will ask where you have experienced fleas or ticks to determine the extent of your infestation. Our professionally trained technicians will use their experience and knowledge approach as they conduct a visual inspection of the likely areas of infestation, including areas where your pets have been. Your technician will take thorough notes of all findings and at the end of the inspection will outline suggestions for implementing an integrated pest management solution specific for your home. Your BugLife technician will discuss with you which areas of your home may require preparation before treatment.

Your BugLife Visit


BugLife treatment will address cracks and crevices, like those between the carpet and baseboard. Your professionally trained BugLife pest expert will provide you with an interior liquid application, with a residual material, providing you the best long-term control. Using a low pressure spray, the technician focuses on the surfaces where the animal frequents, sleeps, and any areas where evidence of fleas or ticks was documented during inspection.

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