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You can’t spill a drop of soda without finding a horde of ants in less than couple hours later, eating on the sweetness. They get in our cupboards, in our laundry and even in our pet’s food. They are in our yards biting our kids and pets.
Domestic and commercial settings are just the start of the places that ants like to populate.


Fire Ants

They’re highly adaptable to extreme weather conditions, but like humans, seem to really dig the weather in West Palm Beach, Broward County, and Miami Date County.

Fire ants
Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are wood-destroying organisms, much like termites and some beetles. They have the destructive habit of entering wooden beams, carving out enclaves, and causing serious structural damage. They can grow to up to lengths of a half-inch or more. Indications of their presence can include tiny piles of sawdust left behind, as well as a faint sound of rustling behind the walls. Talk about nightmare fodder.

In terms of pest management, carpenter ants fall in a different classification than the rest of the ant family, and treatment can be difficult.
A licensed termite inspector is the best person for the job. Once they’ve inspected and determined the presence of Carpenters infesting the home, the licensed inspector can make recommendation for localized treatments depending on the nature and location of the infestation.

BugLife Pest Control

At BugLife Pest Control, we begin ant service by treating the exterior perimeter of a structure with Termidor, a minimally invasive product that is made of fipronil (the same active ingredient used in Frontline on-pet topical treatments).
On the inside, we treat all infested areas using dust formulations placed inside wall voids to keep ants from entering. We remove outlet and switch plate covers to employ a special “duster” to place our products inside the walls so that it’s removed from the general living space, as well as away from children and pets.

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